Dry plasma thawing

ZipThaw® is a dry, fast, safe and portable plasma thawing system. On ECAT and GSA via GSS. FDA AABB CE ISO UL


ZipThaw plasma thawing system (FDA cleared, CE Mark, ISO, UL, AABB compliant) is light enough to carry and fast:

    7 minutes to Ice Free: +15°C
    15 minutes to Thaw: +31°C

Used by blood banks, hospitals, surgical, research and military facilities around the world. Made in the USA.

Assumes 200ml-250ml flat frozen bag from -20°C. Results may vary.


Increase Throughput

Thaw twice the plasma per hour as a water bath, with almost no maintenance.


Protect Plasma

ZipSleeve barrier protects plasma and the device from cross-contamination.


Know the Temperature

Multiple sensors display actual plasma temperature, not its surroundings.


Reduce Product Waste

Order thawed plasma on demand. No ?need to pre-thaw unneeded plasma, simply order what your patient needs.


Reduce Errors

Ensure chain-of-custody with a built-in bar code scanner. You’ll always know what you have in the device.


Save Money

Not only is ZipThaw™ portable and quick, it is also more affordable than the competition.

ZipThaw® is AABB Compliant.

The AABB thoroughly reviewed ZipThaw and confirms ZipThaw as adhering to the AABB Standards for equipment, process control and document control.

See a physical overview of ZipThaw and ZipSleeve.

The ZipThaw System

With rapid thawing technology, each bag of plasma is uniformly thawed to the optimum temperature ensuring accuracy, safety and less waste.

•  Dry
•  Portable
•  On demand
•  Low cost

ZipThaw Device Sleeve


Zipthaw has been a game changer. It’s greatly reduced maintenance time by eliminating the traditional water bath and all the steps required for maintenance. All you need is to replace the warming cushions every 2 years. These features reduce your downtime for maintenance to about 5 minutes. It has user-friendly software that guides you step-by-step. Frozen components are placed in a sturdy plastic bag with a sensor (ZipSleeve) that prevents spills. There are spill trays under each chamber in case there’s an overflow, and they are very easy to remove and clean. The size of ZipThaw makes it easy to place in the smallest spaces on your bench. Overall, it is an excellent choice for your lab.


Blood Bank Administrator / VA Hospital Blood Bank

ZipThaw is easy to start up and use in our hospital laboratory. Training only took about ten minutes. The most important advantages for us are proper temperature documentation and that it’s dry — there’s no water needed. The device is very low maintenance and far more efficient than water systems. Simply put, ZipThaw works as advertised.


Blood Bank Supervisor & Lab QA Coordinator / Fitzgibbon Hospital Laboratory / Marshall, Missouri

ZipThaw is a game changer for medical facilities utilizing thawed plasma. ZipThaw replaces the dreaded water bath, decreases thaw time by approximately 50% and provides rapid support to the operational environment where thawed plasma is a necessary component for saving lives. ZipThaw has changed the way we do business. We’re now able to provide a safe product in half the time. And it has a small footprint and replaces the unending maintenance of water baths. The unit is safe, simple to use and is completely automated.

Ken Mize

Laboratory Consultant / Fort Detrick / Frederick, Maryland

I have been very satisfied with the ZipThaw thawing device. It’s a very low maintenance product, the user manual is also user friendly. It allows efficient implementation for easy validation.

Carol Tisdale

QA/Transfusion Services Supervisor / Keller Army Community Hospital / West Point, New York

We are a small, 25 bed critical access hospital. ZipThaw is great, my staff learned how to use it quickly. Not having to worry about contamination issues from a water bath is wonderful. Water baths are just a pain to deal with, including all the documentation required to maintain them. ZipThaw eliminated all these issues. Also, downloading all thawing procedures at the end of the month is great for documentation. The ZipThaw footprint is another great benefit — it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

Tony Black

Clinical Laboratory Manager / Ochiltree General Hospital / Perryton, Texas

ZipThaw is one of the easiest plasma thawing machines we have used, if not the easiest. Super simple delivery and set up. The bags make any spills a breeze to clean up or I should say, not have to clean up!

Holly Dickinson

Director of Operations / Gladden Longevity / Irving, Texas

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