Next-generation, freezer-to-vein, blood product management solution

Next-generation, freezer-to-vein,
blood product management solutions

On demand thawing is here.

A technologically advanced dry warming, thawing and tracking system for blood, plasma, stem-cell and other tissue products.

Registered for medical, research and investigational use in all CE Mark territories. For research and investigational use only in the USA.


Reduce Product Waste

Order warmed or thawed blood and other tissue products on demand. No ​need to pre-warm/thaw unneeded product.


Reduce Errors

Ensure chain-of-custody with a built-in bar code scanner. You’ll always know what you have in the device.


Save Money

Not only is ZipThaw™ portable and quick, it is also more affordable than the competition.

FreMon Scientific Co-Founder and CTO Moni Shavit uses ZipThaw to thaw a sample specimen. Using the touch-screen, he selects the chamber, inserts ZipSleeve and waits around 15 minutes for ZipThaw to warm the sample to 33.9 C. See how easily he repositions ZipThaw with the integrated handle, no re-calibration needed.

The ZipThaw™ System

With rapid thawing technology, each bag or vial of stem cells, plasma, blood product or tissue is uniformly warmed to the optimum temperature ensuring accuracy, safety and less waste.

•  Dry
•  Portable
•  On demand
•  Low cost


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