Dry plasma thawing

ZipThaw® is a dry, fast, safe, easy-to-use, portable plasma thawing system.
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Zipthaw Device

ZipThaw is a safe, dry, efficient plasma thawing system. It’s light enough to carry and it offers precise plasma temperature tracking.

In active use in blood banks, hospitals, surgical, research and military facilities around the world. Made in the USA.


Increase Throughput

Thaw twice the plasma per hour as a water bath, with almost no maintenance.


Protect Plasma

ZipSleeve barrier protects plasma and the device from cross-contamination.


Know the Temperature

Multiple sensors display actual plasma temperature, not its surroundings.


Reduce Product Waste

Order thawed plasma on demand. No ​need to pre-thaw unneeded plasma, simply order what your patient needs.


Reduce Errors

Ensure chain-of-custody with a built-in bar code scanner. You’ll always know what you have in the device.


Save Money

Not only is ZipThaw™ portable and quick, it is also more affordable than the competition.

ZipThaw® is AABB Compliant.

The AABB thoroughly reviewed ZipThaw and confirms ZipThaw as adhering to the AABB Standards for equipment, process control and document control.

See a physical overview of ZipThaw and ZipSleeve.

ZipThaw Commercial Sales for a Global Market.

The ZipThaw System

With rapid thawing technology, each bag of plasma is uniformly thawed to the optimum temperature ensuring accuracy, safety and less waste.

•  Dry
•  Portable
•  On demand
•  Low cost

ZipThaw Device Sleeve

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