A disposable smart sleeve.

  • ZipThaw NSN 6640-01-696-4025
  • ZipSleeve NSN 6515-01-696-4087
  • Cushion replacement NSN 6640-01-701-7840

ZipSleeve® disposables are key components of the FreMon Scientific platform. The patented sleeve enables rapid thawing and temperature monitoring, it’s easy to replace and conforms to almost any plasma unit size. Since it’s leak proof, it dramatically reduces risk of contamination.

ZipSleeve provides controllable transfer of heat and massaging to the bag of plasma. To assure cleanliness, and to eliminate the possibility of cross contamination, replace the sleeve after 8 uses. If a unit of plasma ruptures, simply throw out the sleeve. The ZipThaw® device and surrounding work area are protected from contamination.


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