On demand plasma thawing.

  • ZipThaw NSN 6640-01-696-4025
  • ZipSleeve NSN 6515-01-696-4087
  • Cushion replacement NSN 6640-01-701-7840
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  • MDERA complete / CSTAR
  • ECAT and GSA via GSS

ZipThaw® is a dry, portable, rapid thawing device combined with FreMon Scientific’s proprietary and disposable ZipSleeve®. Each bag of plasma is uniformly thawed to the optimum temperature ensuring accuracy, safety, and less waste.

FreMon Scientific’s dry, lightweight, portable unit has a compact footprint, and low capital cost. Fear of cross contamination is minimized with patented disposables. ZipThaw reduces operating costs via lower energy use, reduced maintenance, less labor and almost no blood product waste. Each device has two chambers which work independently to thaw a bag of frozen plasma.

ZipThaw has FDA clearance, CE Mark, ISO certification and UL listing for thawing fresh frozen plasma (FFP) and plasma frozen within 24 hours after phlebotomy (FP24).


Product Details

  • Dry – electronics, no water
  • Light-weight – easy to transport
  • Fast – rapidly and completely thaws specimens
  • Low cost – most competitive price point per thaw in the industry
  • Low maintenance – disposable, reduced risk of rupture, components nearly eliminates risk of cross contamination
  • No recalibration needed when moved
  • Continuous data capture – reports the full thawing cycle
  • Consistent temperature control
  • Integrated barcode reader for freezer-to-vein tracking
  • Small bench footprint: width 47.1cm x height 41.6cm x depth 27.6cm
  • Portable – built-in handle
  • Plugs into standard outlets
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • 3-year full replacement warranty

Reduce Product Waste

Order thawed plasma on demand. No ?need to pre-thaw unneeded product.


Reduce Errors

Ensure chain-of-custody with a built-in bar code scanner. You’ll always know what you have in the device.


Save Money

Not only is ZipThaw® portable and quick, it is also more affordable than the competition.

ZipThaw Overview

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