Dry plasma thawing

ZipThaw® is a dry, fast, safe, easy and portable plasma thawing system. In stock and ready to ship. FDA AABB CE ISO UL


ZipThaw plasma thawing system is light enough to carry and fast:

    7 minutes to Ice Free: +15°C
    15 minutes to Thaw: +31°C

Used by blood banks, hospitals, surgical, research and military facilities around the world. Made in the USA.

Assumes 200ml-250ml flat frozen bag from -20°C. Results may vary.


Increase Throughput

Thaw twice the plasma per hour as a water bath, with almost no maintenance.


Protect Plasma

ZipSleeve barrier protects plasma and the device from cross-contamination.


Know the Temperature

Multiple sensors display actual plasma temperature, not its surroundings.


Reduce Product Waste

Order thawed plasma on demand. No ​need to pre-thaw unneeded plasma, simply order what your patient needs.


Reduce Errors

Ensure chain-of-custody with a built-in bar code scanner. You’ll always know what you have in the device.


Save Money

Not only is ZipThaw™ portable and quick, it is also more affordable than the competition.

ZipThaw® is AABB Compliant.

The AABB thoroughly reviewed ZipThaw and confirms ZipThaw as adhering to the AABB Standards for equipment, process control and document control.

See a physical overview of ZipThaw and ZipSleeve.

ZipThaw Commercial Sales for a Global Market.

The ZipThaw System

With rapid thawing technology, each bag of plasma is uniformly thawed to the optimum temperature ensuring accuracy, safety and less waste.

•  Dry
•  Portable
•  On demand
•  Low cost

ZipThaw Device Sleeve

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