Big week in North America for ZipThaw

It’s been a big week across North America for ZipThaw. FMS leadership met with our manufacturer, Minnetronix, in St Paul MN, to review production and shipments of ZipThaw. At the same time, our distributor, GenesisBPS, presents ZipThaw to prospective buyers ISCT 2024 in Vancouver, Canada. Enjoy the photos:

In the photos: Jeff Lersch, FMS CEO, being briefed on ZipThaw shipments from Minnetronix with Senior Service Manager “Smitty.”

Jeff inspecting ZipThaws with senior Minnetronix engineer Eric.

ZipThaw ready to ship to blood banks, hospitals and US military medical services around the world.

Philip Herman, Genesis BPS Director of Marketing and Business Development, demonstrating ZipThaw capabilities to Stanford Health and many other prospective customers in the cell and gene therapy market.

Phil says there’s a lot of interest in ZipThaw both domestically and internationally.