Connecting at MedLab Middle East

We’re wrapping up our second trade show in the Middle East this week. We had over 500 attendees at the FreMon Scientific booth at Arab Health and MedLab Middle East, back-to-back trade shows in beautiful Dubai.

We presented the ZipThaw and ZipSleeve plasma thawing platform over 9 days of demonstrations. ZipThaw ran for more than 164 total hours with the heating chamber doors opened and closed well more than a 1,000 times by literally hundreds and hundreds of interested people. The device was on the entire time and while we weren’t actively thawing plasma, people used the touch screen, activated the chambers and used the integrated barcode reader. The machine hummed along with no issues.

Below is a photo with Fred Thacher and Too J.L. giving thumbs up sign. Too is the Managing Director of Global Science SDB BHD of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He expressed keen interest in ZipThaw202 and ZipSleeve.