Distributors and Manufacturers Present ZipThaw and ZipSleeve Sales Plan

Distributors and Manufacturers Present ZipThaw and ZipSleeve Sales Plan

Distributors and manufacturers presented their rollout plans for ZipThaw202 and ZipSleeve at the FreMon Scientific San Diego Launch Event.

We enjoyed presentations from Austin Walters and his deeply-experienced SpringTide team — who represent sales in three key USA territories.

Austin Walters of SpringTide presents USA sales plan.


Next, Sarah Betteley from Deva UK and Ireland presented her capabilities and passion for ZipThaw. Sarah and the Deva team have a long tenure working with Fred Thacher and FreMon Scientific and have already presented earlier iterations of ZipThaw in trade shows in the UK. Then our distributor from the Middle East discussed his thrill in selling life saving devices in difficult-to-reach countries.

Sarah Betteley of Deva UK presents.

We ended the sales portion with the Barkey brothers, Christian and Thomas, giving us a deep dive in the history, reach and technical sophistication of Barkey Medical Devices. Barkey represents critical sales and partnership opportunities in Germany.

The key takeaway: as of September 2019 there is a global sales and distribution infrastructure in place for ZipThaw202 and ZipSleeve, stretching from Central Asia, to the Middle East, Europe, the UK and Ireland and the USA. Distributors compared notes, swapped tales, discussed tactics and shared enthusiasm for ZipThaw as a dry, fast, safe, precise plasma thawing device. The sky’s the limit.

Next, Fred Thacher, co-founder of FreMon Scientific, introduced the two key manufacturers for ZipThaw202 and ZipSleeve: Boyd Technologies of Massachusetts and Minnetronix of Minnesota. ZipThaw and ZipSleeve will be made in the USA as quickly as possible by two top ranked, privately held, FDA-certified manufacturers who have a passion for saving lives.


Jeff Trail of Boyd Technologies shared the Berkshires-based company’s ability to make flexible, safe, precise ZipSleeves. ZipSleeve serves as anti-contamination barrier around a plasma specimen, and it contains patented sensors to track the precise temperature of the specimen itself, not its surroundings. We have great faith in Boyd and are thrilled to partner with them.

Finally, Derick Daley and his team a Minnetronix gave a thorough walk-through of their capabilities to produce precision devices in the medical industry. Minnetronix’s commitment to improve and save patient lives came through loud and clear — it guides everything they do.

They offer sophisticated, regulated, certified manufacturing capabilities that will bring many more ZipThaw202 devices to the world.

Derick Daley of Minnetronix.



Jeff Trail of Boyd Technologies.

The Barkey brothers discuss German distribution.

FMS co-founder Fred Thacher addresses the group.