Eliminate wasted plasma

Fresh frozen plasma is an invaluable resource for clinicians and researchers that can’t afford to be wasted. Unfortunately, the process of thawing FFP in a water bath can lead to enormous plasma waste.

If a single plasma bag is damaged during the process and leaks, the entire contents of the bath are contaminated, meaning all the plasma in all the bags must be discarded before the unit can be sanitized, refilled, and brought back up to temperature.

Enter FreMon Scientific’s dry plasma thawing device, ZipThaw®. With its two independent thawing chambers and ZipSleeve® technology, ZipThaw eliminates the possibility of wasted plasma from a single bag contaminating several others. As each bag thaws in its own independent chamber, no cross contamination is possible!

Additionally, ZipThaw allows for plasma to be thawed on demand, eliminating the need to pre-thaw unneeded products, making the entire process less complex. Thaw only what is needed, when and where it’s needed — completely eliminate any waste of valuable, costly plasma.

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