Time for a better way to thaw

For decades, medical professionals have used slow, cumbersome, imprecise water baths to thaw plasma. It’s time for a better way!

Introducing ZipThaw: a dry, portable, rapid thawing device combined with our disposable ZipSleeve® anti-contamination barrier with heat sensors. As an alternative to water baths, dry plasma thawing is a groundbreaking innovation that unlocks numerous benefits that serve medical professionals in labs and research. Each bag of plasma is uniformly thawed to the optimum temperature ensuring accuracy, safety, and less waste.

FreMon Scientific’s dry, lightweight, portable unit has a compact footprint and low capital cost. Fear of cross contamination is minimized with patented disposables, spill trays and other safety features. ZipThaw is virtually maintenance free and reduces operating costs via lower energy use, reduced maintenance, less labor and almost no blood product waste. Each device has two chambers which work independently to thaw a bag of frozen plasma, so you can maintain high throughput.

ZipThaw has FDA clearance, AABB Standards-Compliance, CE Mark, ISO certification and UL listing for thawing fresh frozen plasma (FFP) and plasma frozen within 24 hours after phlebotomy (FP24)

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