Improve Staff Productivity

ZipThaw is a blood product thawer that uses revolutionary dry technology to quickly thaw blood products for patients in need. ZipThaw is dry, so there’s no messes like with water baths, and fast, so you can increase your thawed plasma throughput — it’s also easy for staffers to use. With simple thawing, staffers can spend their time elsewhere on other critical tasks.

Last generation water bath thawers require enormous amounts of staff time to prep, use and continually decontaminate the devices. Circulated water gets dirty fast. With ZipThaw, there’s a disposable ZipSleeve that both protects the device and assists rapid thawing. If there’s ever a blood product bag leak, simply toss out the ZipSleeve. The device stays untouched. Staffers can move on to other things.

Generally, ZipThaw maintenance is as simple as wiping the device off from time to time, and replacing the heating cushions once or twice a year — a five-minute process done by a staffer, on site. This is less than an hour of maintenance per year, versus many long hours per week with hot water baths.

To learn more about ZipThaw, contact us for a video or in-person demonstration.