Making strides at the SD Blood Bank

Making strides at the SD Blood Bank

Today at the San Diego Blood Bank we’ve continued testing ZipThaw for FDA review. 

The ZipThaw medical device successfully thawed frozen plasma product down from -30C all the way to 33.5C in less than 17 minutes. We tested more more than 22 bags of frozen product, and each bag contained varying volumes of product, so we’re able to test ZipThaw and ZipSleeve efficacy in real world conditions. Not every blood bag — of any size — is will be exactly filled fully. Please see photos of the action below:  

Ziv and Koby from Aran R&D discussing ZipThaw202 and ZipSleeve use with SDBB lab specialists Tess and Brian:


Moni is monitoring ZipThaw202 and ZipSleeve use at SDBB:


ZipThaw202 thawed plasma being prepared transfer to the UCSD School of Medicine lab for analysis:


Here thawed plasma is being transferred for FDA required testing: