Parts delivered and manufacturing is underway

Parts delivered and manufacturing is underway

After some delay because of the supply chain concerns, components for ZipThaw have arrived at our manufacturer’s facilities in Minnesota.

The parts are now being inspected and readied for manufacturing of ZipThaw, which is underway. We plan to have the first devices ready to ship in the coming weeks.

Assembly line kits being prepared

Minnetronix staff unpacking ZipThaw202 elements for inspection and inventory assignment.

More than 45,000 parts being readied for ZipThaw202 assembly. The first 2 months of production are ordered and will ship across the globe.


Minnetronix ZipThaw202 assembly line where precision, order and details are critical to quality allowing for a full 3 year warranty.


By November ZipThaw202 production will increase to more than 75 per month. Many lives will be improved and saved with rapid, precision, point of care, safe plasma thawing. Please stay tuned for more updates.