Save Energy with ZipThaw

ZipThaw is a portable, dry, precise, and fast way to thaw plasma and blood products. It’s also energy efficient. ZipThaw goes from ambient to full thawing temperature in about 7 minutes using only 104 Watt-Hrs. If ZipThaw is set to the ready-to-use mode, energy use is only 125 Watt-Hrs.

At peak power, with its two thawing chambers running, ZipThaw only draws a maximum of 900 watts — less than a portable hair dryer set to low — and only for a few minutes during the thaw cycle.

Are your lab circuits maxed out? ZipThaw will never draw enough power to create a circuit overload.

Traditional wet thawing devices with circulating water at 37°C pull a significant amount of energy: 6-to-8X the energy consumption of ZipThaw.

ZipThaw’s small footprint and low maintenance also makes it a good choice for blood banks with tight space. ZipThaw has no circulating water that needs weekly changing and algaecides — and it doesn’t need to be near a sink.

ZipThaw can sit quietly in Idle or Stand-By mode and minimize power consumption while always being ready. ZipThaw can also be tucked safely under the bench, then plugged in and ready to go in minutes.

Blood Banks concerned about space constraints, energy and maintenance — use ZipThaw to deliver optimal thawing with minimal space, energy and maintenance.

To purchase ZipThaw, please email or call 480-868-9399.