Save time and money with ZipThaw

ZipThaw is a revolutionary blood product thawing device. It’s dry, it’s portable, it contains advanced sensors so it precisely tracks the thawing curve, and it’s fast.
ZipThaw is also very cost efficient. How? First, ZipThaw uses far less electricity than a hot water bath which needs to be pre-warmed and left on for hours at a time. Second, since ZipThaw is a blood product thawing device built from the ground up, we were started with a blank page and designed a thawing device that is dry, safe and accurate. This means there are huge efficiencies with ZipThaw.

  • There is no maintenance or cleaning labor on weekly basis and no time.
  • Since it’s dry, there are no required toxic chemicals like algicies and no need for deionized water. There are no required wet sinks, draink hoses, air filters to replace and water disposal.
  • ZipSleeve means there are no lost samples and a dramatically reduced risk of cross contamination.
  • Since it’s portable and has a small footprint, you can move ZipThaw and don’t take up valuable bench space.
  • Lastly, since ZipThaw is so easy to use, there are fewer labor costs and training time.

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