ZipSleeve: Made in Massachusetts

ZipSleeve: Made in Massachusetts

FreMon Scientific is proud to announce it’s agreement with Boyd Technologies ( in Lee, Massachusetts for the manufacturing and production of ZipSleeve.

ZipSleeve is the ZipThaw consumable — a disposable, protective layer with patented sensors that surrounds the frozen specimen and then is inserted in ZipThaw. ZipSleeve is designed to minimize risk of contamination and to accurately measure the temperature of the frozen specimen itself, not its surroundings.

Boyd Technologies has over forty years of expertise in manufacturing advanced flexible materials. They operate FDA approved, ISO certified facilities. Boyd provides services across a wide variety of product applications that have a high degree of complexity. From material sourcing, product development, project management, and advanced manufacturing, Boyd is perfectly situated to produce high quality ZipSleeves for clinical and investigational use for a wide variety of settings. We’re very excited to partner with them.

Simply place your specimen in a ZipSleeve, wave it at ZipThaw’s integrated barcode reader for tracking, and place it in the device. Press a button and in a short while, your specimen is warmed to the desired temperature.

ZipThaw and ZipSleeve are manufactured in the USA, with CE Mark, ISO certification, UL listing, and FDA cleared. To purchase ZipThaw and ZipSleeve, please contact our distributors: