ZipSleeve Manufacturing

ZipSleeve Manufacturing

Dive into the details of the latest ZipSleeve manufacturing process. We’ve been producing ZipSleeves for our commercially-ready demonstration ZipThaw units that we’ve been shipping to the UK, and soon, California for field testing.

ZipSleeve collars ready for assembly.

ZipSleeve at early assembly stage.

Quality Control of thermal insulator attachment to ZipSleeve. Precision equals reliable, repeat, safe temperature controls.

RFID sensor especially programmed to assure continuous time, temperature and use monitoring bring affixed.

Proprietary ZipSleeve sensors give clinician complete control of blood products warming and thawing process.

Finished ZipSleeve being inserted into clean protective cover for shipping and storage.

ZipSleeve protective cover maintains quality and reliability for a full year if need be.

ZipSleeve being sealed in protective covering.

ZipSleeve 10 Pack assembly complete and prepared for shipping.