ZipThaw continues testing in San Diego

ZipThaw continues testing in San Diego

Over the past week we’ve continued testing ZipThaw and ZipSleeve at the San Diego Blood Bank.

We’re looking forward to FDA comments and approval as we make strides to bring on demand, portable blood product thawing to a global market.

Above: William Davey, Director Development and Research at San Diego Blood Bank monitoring ZipThaw202 setup.

Below: Fred Thacher, CEO, working with Koby Reuveni, Electrical Engineer at Aran R&D, and Ziv setting up ZipThaw202 serial #1 for testing.


Co-founder Moni Shavit instructing Ziv Geller, Mechanical Engineer with Aran R&D, on ZipThaw202 setup:


Moni Shavit, CTO, and Rebecque Laba, COO of FreMon Scientific preparing ZipThaw202 at San Diego Blood Bank for FDA testing: