ZipThaw in the UK

ZipThaw in the UK

ZipThaw is making the rounds in the UK. Below — Terry McKindley of Deva Medical found his way at the East Surrey Hospital blood bank where they showed keen interest in ZipThaw.

Terry McKindley, Marketing Director, Jason and Sarah Betteley proprietors of DevaMedical at dinner with Rosemary O’Toole, Shareholder, and Fred Thacher, co-Founder with Moni Shavit of FreMon Scientific in London.

Royal London Hospital:

Terry carries ZipThaw202 into Hammersmith Hospital in London:

Terry, Sarah and Hammersmith Hospital blood bank manager with ZipThaw202. The device was well received at one of the busiest and well-managed trauma centers in the UK:

Fred entering St. Mary’s Hospital With ZipThaw202 and ZipSleeve:

St. Mary’s blood bank director wants ZipThaw202!