ZipThaw is AABB Standards Compliant

FreMon Scientific is pleased to announce that ZipThaw, a dry, portable plasma thawer, is officially AABB Standards Compliant.

The AABB, the international association for advancing transfusion medicine and biotherapies in more than 80 countries, thoroughly evaluated and approved ZipThaw for the AABB Standards Compliant Product Evaluation Program, known as SCoPE.


ZipThaw is a plasma thawing medical device that is dry, which makes it light enough to carry, and precise — you always know the temperature of the plasma, not its surroundings. ZipThaw is easy to use and safe, it’s also proven to preserve coagulation and antibody levels.

The AABB SCoPE Program confirms that ZipThaw adheres to AABB Standards for equipment, process control and document control. We’re thrilled to have achieved their recognition. ZipThaw also has FDA clearance, CE mark, ISO and UL accreditation.

To learn more about ZipThaw and to get a quote, please contact us at, or call us at 480-868-9399.