ZipThaw testing in the UK

ZipThaw testing in the UK

Fred Thacher, co-founder of FreMon Scientific, travels with Deva Medical to demonstrate ZipThaw technology throughout the United Kingdom.

Over 4 full days ending more than 80 individual blood bank, transfusion center, stem cell bank and trauma center directors, medics and technicians have personally had an opportunity to directly thaw plasma using ZipThaw and ZipSleeve. The reception to date has been positive beyond expectations. Next stop Berlin. Please see the photos below.

Fred at the pathology lab entrance in Wales. Notice Welsh language at Wrexham Maelor Hospital. They often thaw more than 100 units per day: A busy, well-managed center:

Sarah Betteley, Keith Saxon, Terry McKindley with Fred operating Demonstration ZipThaw in Runcorn near Liverpool:

Transfusion Laboratory Manager with technician running ZipThaw in their Wrexham Maelor Hospital center. ZipThaw took a 260 ml bag of Fresh Frozen Plasma and thawed from -27C to 33C in 14 minutes. Success!