On the road with ZipThaw

We’ve been on the road introducing ZipThaw, the revolutionary blood product thawing device, to military and civilian clinicians.

Minnetronix Tour

We’re delighted to partner with Minnetronix to manufacture ZipThaw, a dry, lightweight, safe and very fast blood product thawing device. We’re made in the USA courtesy of partners like Minnetronix in Minnesota. fremonscientific.com. Take a tour inside their facilities to learn more about them:

Save time and money with ZipThaw

ZipThaw is a revolutionary blood product thawing device. It’s dry, it’s portable, it contains advanced sensors so it precisely tracks the thawing curve, and it’s fast.
ZipThaw is also very cost efficient. How? First, ZipThaw uses far less electricity than a hot water bath which needs to be pre-warmed and left on for hours at a time. Second, since ZipThaw is a blood product thawing device built from the ground up, we were started with a blank page and designed a thawing device that is dry, safe and accurate. This means there are huge efficiencies with ZipThaw.

  • There is no maintenance or cleaning labor on weekly basis and no time.
  • Since it’s dry, there are no required toxic chemicals like algicies and no need for deionized water. There are no required wet sinks, draink hoses, air filters to replace and water disposal.
  • ZipSleeve means there are no lost samples and a dramatically reduced risk of cross contamination.
  • Since it’s portable and has a small footprint, you can move ZipThaw and don’t take up valuable bench space.
  • Lastly, since ZipThaw is so easy to use, there are fewer labor costs and training time.

To learn more or get a quote, please contact us at info@fremonscientific.com.

Welcoming two new Board of Directors

January 12, 2022

RE: FreMon Scientific Announces the Appointment of two new Board Directors

Dear Shareholder and Friends,

As CEO and a Director of FreMon Scientific it gives me great pleasure to introduce two new Members of the FreMon Scientific Board of Directors. Each is well recognized in economics and medicine and we’re honored to have them on the Board. Please join me in giving Drs Norm Miller and Michael Couris a warm welcome.

Norm Miller PhD is the Hahn Chair and Professor of Real Estate Finance at the University of San Diego, and Vice-President of the Homer Hoyt Institute, a think tank of global urban economic scholars and industry research directors. His PhD is from the Finance Department of the Ohio State University. He has taught and guest lectured globally. Prior to joining USD, he was a Professor at the University of Cincinnati. He also advises on the management of private wealth in real estate and stock portfolios, and serves on several advisory boards. He has consulted for several trade associations and private firms and endowments providing economic outlooks and investment strategies. He has been a valuation expert for the FDIC and has been a frequent speaker to trade associations.

Michael Couris MD is a native of Kingston, New York and a 1988 graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with an SB in Biology. He attended the Georgetown University School of Medicine on a US Navy Health Professions Scholarship, graduating in 1992. From there, Dr. Couris interned in General Surgery at Naval Medical Center San Diego. He trained as a Naval Flight Surgeon and then was assigned to the Third Marine Aircraft Wing in Tustin, CA. He deployed with the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit aboard USS Peleliu and in Kuwait supporting Operation Southern Watch. Following a residency in ophthalmology in San Diego, he finished his Navy career in Portsmouth, VA. Dr. Couris returned to San Diego where he opened his now 20 year-old private practice at Vision Care and Correction of San Diego, where he offers comprehensive ophthalmic services with an emphasis on premium vision correction procedures. Dr. Couris has assumed various leadership roles in organized medicine and currently serves as the CFO of Mercy Physicians Medical Group and as President of Scripps Mercy Physician Partners. He also serves as the Chair of the Cooperative of American Physicians Political Action Committee. Dr. Couris volunteers his time with the Resthaven Children’s Fund and serves as a trustee of St. Innocent’s Orphanage in Rosarito, Mexico.

We’re very excited to have Norm and Mike join our Board of Directors and look forward to their contributions to the success of FreMon Scientific, Inc.


Farideh Bischoff, PhD
FreMon Scientific, Inc.

Kaiser Permanente

Yesterday Linda Fabian, Director National Accounts and Fred Thacher, Chief Development Officer, demonstrated ZipThaw® to more than 8 Kaiser Permanente Hospital blood bank and lab technicians, managers and directors.


Eliminate wasted plasma

Fresh frozen plasma is an invaluable resource for clinicians and researchers that can’t afford to be wasted. Unfortunately, the process of thawing FFP in a water bath can lead to enormous plasma waste.


Thaw More Plasma, Faster

Thaw More Plasma Faster with ZipThaw®

Traditionally, plasma thawing is done in hot water baths which are slow, messy, and outdated. With their slow thawing to imprecise temperatures, time taken for warm up, and extensive maintenance and clean up needs, water baths make it impossible to maintain high plasma throughput levels.

Now there’s an easier way to thaw more plasma, faster. ZipThaw® is a made in the USA, AABB SCoPE certified, FDA-cleared plasma thawing medical device that uses advanced dry technology and safety features to thaw quickly and reliably.

ZipThaw’s two independent chambers can thaw 8 bags to a measured 31°C for transfusion, or 12 bags to a measured 15°C for refrigeration in just 60 minutes. ZipThaw is also completely portable, virtually downtime-free, and requires fewer staffers to operate.

Email info@fremonscientific.com or call our National Accounts Director Linda Fabian at 480-868-9399 to get a quote.

ZipThaw thaws up to 12 units per hour

One of the biggest challenges for blood banks and trauma centers is throughput. How quickly can clinicians deliver thawed plasma to patients in need? Consider safe-handling concerns, workflow complexity and the short-lived viability of thawed plasma — getting plasma to a patient, safely and efficiently, is enormously complicated. The current system built around slow, labor-intensive water bath thawing methods is rife with problems and in desperate need of innovation.


Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital

It was another busy week at FreMon Scientific. In addition to presenting ZipThaw to the Naval Medical Center San Diego, Fred Thacher and Linda Fabian also demonstrated the ZipThaw dry plasma thawing medical device to Dr. Ginn and her team at the Camp Pendleton Naval Hospital.


Naval Medical Center San Diego

This week FreMon Scientific Co-Founder Fred Thacher and National Accounts Director Linda Fabian toured the Naval Medical Center San Diego and demonstrates ZipThaw to its clinicians. NMCSD is a world class hospital that cares for service members, veterans and their families.


GenesisBPS selling ZipThaw in North America

FreMon Scientific is thrilled to partner with GenesisBPS to sell ZipThaw across North America. The ZipThaw plasma thawing system dramatically upgrades delivery of life-saving plasma. Unlike heavy water baths prone to contamination; ZipThaw is a dry, accurate, low-maintenance device that’s light enough to carry.



Egypt Medica Show with ZipThaw

Purchasers at the Egypt trade show, Egymedica, are seeing ZipThaw in action at the Miralab booth. We’re excited about all the action at the front of the booth including reporters from Egyptian TV. We’re busy fielding private and public requests for demonstrations and information.

Egymedica (more…)

ZipThaw in Egypt

Egymedica (www.egymedica.com) is this May 27-29 at the Cairo International Convention Center in Egypt. MiraLab will be at stand Number F6 to present ZipThaw and ZipSleeve. If you’re in Cairo, please stop by to learn more about ZipThaw.


100% Quality Control

We had a great session yesterday at the Minnetronix facilities in Minnesota which manufactures ZipThaw. We do quality control testing for each and every ZipThaw before it’s shipped to a blood bank, research facility or more across the world.

ZipThaw undergoing 100% QC testing at Minnetronix.



ZipThaw is AABB Standards Compliant

FreMon Scientific is pleased to announce that ZipThaw, a dry, portable plasma thawer, is officially AABB Standards Compliant.

The AABB, the international association for advancing transfusion medicine and biotherapies in more than 80 countries, thoroughly evaluated and approved ZipThaw for the AABB Standards Compliant Product Evaluation Program, known as SCoPE.



ZipThaw in Texas

We went to Texas to present ZipThaw to a civilian hospital and senior military medical staff. It was a great trip and we’re excited for the positive feedback and purchases.

CEO & CSO Dr. Farideh Bischoff and National Sales Director Linda Fabian were invited by the Director of Laboratory Services to demonstrate ZipThaw to blood bank clinicians at the Methodist Hospital Texsan.


Researching mRNA thawing

Please see photos below from recent ZipThaw research in San Diego.

Preparing ZipThaw at the San Diego Blood Bank for testing a new application, mRNA recovery following freezing and thawing. With the ability to control the rate of thawing using ZipThaw and ZipSleeve, we hope to demonstrate optimal recovery of mRNA from a frozen state within minutes.


Presenting ZipThaw™ to the Nat’l Cancer Institute, the Armed Services Blood Program and more

Last week CEO and Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Farideh Bischoff, and Director of National Accounts Linda Fabian, traveled to the East Coast to present ZipThaw to several government and military health institutions. It was a great trip; we’re grateful for the enthusiastic interest in ZipThaw and for their recent purchases.

In DC, Virginia and Georgia, Farideh and Linda presented ZipThaw to the National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health, to the Armed Services Blood Program at the Defense Health Agency, and to scientists at the Winn Army Community Hospital.